Evolution of style

tony iatridis illustrator

Someone asked me why this new site doesn’t contain artwork from a style I was published in for many years, a sort of mixture of the more linear cartoon like artwork you see though out this site and a collage style. Then there was also the more purely collage portraits, published for instance by the National Audubon Society and many others.  The answer is simply an evolution of style, I enjoy the humor and clean simplicity of the new work better. I can turn it around quickly, and that has become more and more important as much of the work I do now is published online and not in print at all.

I’ll be honest and also state the artwork I’ve been doing for the last several years is also more marketable. That was not a determining factor in the evolution of my work, but it turned out to be a nice perk. While on the topic those of you who have only seen this site, have a  look at my New York City Art Director site which showcases my various graphics work. I’ve been doing a lot of work with independent authors of late, and am finding the whole process fascinating. More on the blog over at the other site. 😉

collage portraits clinton

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